Welcome to Stelt2 Electronics Manufacturing

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Stelt2 is an EMS provider based in northern Italy delivering high standard and competitive electro-mechanical contract manufacturing services.

Our sophisticated manufacturing facilities provide a full range of specialist EMS services including PCB assembly, mechanical and full system assembly, design development for manufacturing and testing.

We have a proven track record of delivering the results our customers need to compete, from prototype and pre-production units through to final high-volume electronics manufacturing. Stelt2 prides itself on its technical expertise and rapid response time. Responding to customer's changing needs, collaborating to find solutions and quickly meeting new challenges are what's most important.

Stelt2 maintains a state-of-the-art traceability system. The systematic collection of production data and use of integrated real-time monitoring guarantees an efficient working process. Our proprietary software (QaS+) traces the entire working process from each single assembly step, up to our plant's entire production. Customers have direct and rapid access to the real state of their ongoing production projects.

Furthermore, Stelt2 uses unique supply chain structures to offer the best value to our customers over the course of the product lifecycle. Stelt2 also features a dedicated team for Automotive products, providing our customers with a dedicated service specialist. This way we ensure the ease of communication necessary for success.
Our mission is to provide customers with excellent prices for high standard production, very short lead times and the best time-to-market speed available.