Electronics testing and tools engineering

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Stelt2 provides a wide range of manufacturing and testing services. Our expertise in high-complexity products allows us to develop suitable tooling and testing equipment that meet the standards of any quality and control requirements.

Tooling for assembly process

SMT tooling design (stencils, PCB supports etc.). The design and building of soldering carriers for wave soldering processes and other custom jigs for the PCB manufacturing process.

AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) development

Development of custom test scripts for automated optical inspection machines (AOI).

ICT (In-Circuit Test) development

Fixture design & build for ATE SPEA testers. Test script development and validation.

Optical test development

Stelt2 has broad experience in design and building of optical testers, mainly for checking solder joints, component presence and polarity characteristics, as well as correct resin dispensing.

Special processes development

Experience in such processes as resin dispensing, PCB to heat-sink bonding, automatic screwing
and fastening allows our engineering team to build suitable manufacturing tools and machines to
meet any requirement.