Contract Electronics Manufacturing

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STELT2 offers the complete solution for electronics manufacturing including all possible production processes from SMT placement to final box build.

SMT Assembly

SMT lines with modern assembly equipment capable of both glue and solder paste assembly. In-line SPI (Solder Paste Inspection) for 3D checking of proper solder paste deposition.

PTH Assembly

Automatic axial, radial or jumper-wire insertion machines allow the efficient assembly of through-hole components minimizing manual assembly requirements.

AOI Testing

Integrated in-line AOI test machines allow us to continually monitor the production process quality. A permanent connection to our database allows us to trace test results and monitor process yields over time.

Manual Assembly & Wave Soldering

Stelt2 also provides manual assembly lines and wave soldering machines. We use a No-clean process with environmentally friendly soldering fluxes with nitrogen. We have experience in soldering high-thermal boards and also offer lead-free soldering support.

ICT Testing

Stelt2 features ICT testing based on ATE SPEA systems. The fixed connection to our database allows the tracing of test results and monitoring of process yields. We use fixtures and test scripts developed by our own test department.

Box build & Mechanical assembly

Stelt2 is proud to produce dedicated final assembly cells with custom jigs to enable a mistake-proof assembly process and efficient material flow. We can provide the integration of automatic resin dispending, screwing and fastening.

FCT Testing

Stelt2 offers complete functional testing of final products, including leakage testing according to customer specification. The fixed connection to our database again allows us to trace test results and monitor process yields.